(UI_AdminRequiredNotice along with UI_AdminVistaNotice11)

Hi there, upgraded to windows 10 today  - tried to open my SL2  - box appears with message (UI_Admin Required Notice along with UI_AdminVistaNotice11)  when i close this box articulate asks me to activate my serial number when i do this it tells me its and invalid serial number  / this happens every time

can anyone help me here  - do i need to uninstall and reinstall  -



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Ali Goulet

Hi Dana,

Thanks for reaching out to us here and I'm sorry you're having this issue. Articulate Storyline 1 isn't officially supported with Windows 10, you can check out the system requirements here

However, if you do choose to use Storyline 1 with Windows 10, you may see that UI_AdminRequiredNotice error message. You should be able to fix it by running Storyline 1 with administrative privileges one time. It's also always a good idea to be running the latest update for Storyline which you can download here. Hope that helps! :)