Ultra Newbie: Getting my course to the customer

Oct 21, 2018

When I retired I bought a personal license for Articulate 360. I have created some great courses, but now that I don't just send the file to my administrator to load into LMS, I'm not sure how to get the course to my customers (I feel kinda stupid here). One customer wants to load it onto the Church website. But when I publish to web, it stores the file on my hard drive. How do I get it to be on the Church's site? The other course I want to publish to my own website--of course I just bought the domain and know nothing about how it works. How do I get the course to be visible and open on my website? Please direct me to the appropriate tutorials.

My skill is in development, now I need to learn how to get it out there.

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Michael Hinze

Websites typically allow you to use ftp (or some other filemanager tool that's often part of the website's control panel) to upload files. Once you have the webserver URL, username and password,  you can upload files; either manually or using the FTP option that is available in Storyline's Publish dialog. Hope that helps.

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