Unable to create paragraph text entries in Storyline 2 and 3

Jul 19, 2017

Hi all,

I have encountered an issue and Product Support did not have a definite answer for me. I create many software simulations where learners have to enter a text into a large text box (see the attached image). However, when you enlarge a textbox over the area, there seems to be an issue. The text does not align to the top as it should nor does it wrap around when entered by the learner. In addition, users have to click exactly in the middle of the text box in order to enter text. The text box is not selected if they click the top.


This is a huge huge HUGE issue for us developing software simulations. Has anyone found a work-around for this issue? I am in desperate need of help.

Product support pretty much told me that I should make the text box size equal to one line of text. That is not realistic at all. 

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Anna Liza Escondo

Hi Ian,

Please try the following settings and see if it does the trick.  Right-click on the text box and select Format Shape.  Then set to 'Do not autofit' and select 'Wrap text in shape'.  

Format Shape

Also, you might want to set the Paragraph settings by right-clicking the text box and then Paragraph.  Set the alignment to 'Justified'.


Hope this helps.

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