Unable to Use Text to speech In Storyline. Error<<You are offline.Please connect to the internet and try again.>>

Mar 13, 2020

Hi Team,

I have been working with storyline for a month now, Suddenly I started receiving error message when I click on text to speech to import my text.

I am connected to wifi and I have internet access.

Tried connected with Lan cable.

Still getting the same error.

Could please assist regarding this issue.

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Donna Brownell

As of 2/27/24, I am still having this issue. Lesli mentioned the carriage returns causing the issue. I have also noticed that "misspellings" also cause this issue. And it is also an issue with hyperlinks. If there is a red squiggle under a word, it feels like SL has programmed that as an almost "critical" error and will not respond until it is corrected. Working for a neurology company, 90% of the words I use are not in the SL dictionary.