unassigned variables after publishing

Nov 20, 2012

Hey all...and Good morning!

I'm having an issues where, I will publish my project for review...when I open it again to made edits, some the variables are changing to unassigned.  I can't figure out what's different about the trouble makers, other than the possibility that they were copied from a slide and edited to fit their current slide.

Has anyone had this experience?  Any way to permanently correct it?

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Lisa Struebing

Let me clarify the above...it's the conditiions on the variables that are dropping their information...

1. create the project and test it...works fine

2. publish to the web and test it...find it needs edits

3. open the project again and the conditions are:  "==Equal to" when I try to work with some of the slides and variables, but not all...

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