Unresponsive Storyline 360 package with errors in SCORM cloud

May 10, 2018

I'm running into intermittent problems where Storyline packages stop loading. Sometimes I get the attached screen where the content is greyed out. Other times, slides just refuse to play or certain slides don't play with audio. This has happened in two LMS environments: topyx and now Docebo. topyx told me that there are errors in the package when viewed in the SCORM cloud. I've attached an example package and the Storyline file along with a screen pic of what it looks like when it can't play. What am I doing wrong? Using Chrome and edge via HTML 5. This happens with Flash output also it seems.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Damon,

You mentioned there are errors in the package when viewed in SCORM Cloud--does that mean you've tested in SCORM Cloud already?

I published your file with the latest version of Storyline 360 and tested it on SCORM Cloud here. Everything appeared to work normally in my testing.

Would you mind testing that link and letting me know if you run into any errors? I'll be standing by!  

Damon Patterson

Hi Alyssa - the error doesn't appear to be something that happens immediately. I'm able to access that link and the course runs fine from there. It appears to be a random error. It's SO frustrating to try and pin this down. I'm attaching another image of this course running in Docebo using my Admin credentials - see the grey screen and errors in the console? Now if I log in using a test account, I'm able to run the course successfully. This activity occurs on different networks so it's not network related. It would appear to have something to do with the tracking - i don't know but it's driving me wild and this behavior occurs across many different users in our org on two different LMS and has impacted their learning. We even switched LMS partly because of this! In the image, I have lots of tabs open - it's not related to that as I just tried on my desktop and received the same results. 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Damon. Appreciate your time in testing the SCORM Cloud link as well as the extra detail. I'm sure this issue hasn't been fun to troubleshoot because of those inconsistencies, but your sharp details will greatly help us in trying to nail down what’s going on here.

I see that you're working with Ryan on our Support Team to try to isolate the cause of this grey screen in your LMS and have shared this thread with him. Thanks for also testing his 3 updated courses on your LMS. You should hear back with some next steps shortly, and I'll follow along as well!

Damon Patterson

This is related to xAPI/Tin Can and storing progress. If the email address is not configured properly in the LMS for the user account, then you will encounter this behavior. This is not LMS specific as it occurred across two different LMS - topyx and Docebo. Caused me weeks of headache. Finally solved it but this seems like an issue that should be known.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your discovery, Damon–and nice detective work! Looks like adjusting the users' email addresses helped correct those errors. 

I see Ryan made note of this, and I'm certain others will find your post super valuable. Thanks again for working through the oddity with us, and we're standing by if you need anything else! 

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