Updated Articulate 360 to resolve audio issue, now receiving error message when trying to publish


I updated Articulate 360 in hopes of alleviating the audio playback issue with the 

Articulate Review feature. Now, that all of Articulate is updated I attempted to publish a file in SL360, it will not publish after several attempts. The msg I am receiving is stating that I do not have an internet connection, however my internet connection is working. I have attached a screen capture of the message below.

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Richard Watson


Have you checked for the following potential issues?


You can check the status of Articulate services here:



 Is this problem only publishing a single project or does it happen to all of your projects? Another resource to check: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/error-publishing-course-to-articulate-360




Richard Watson


I would recommended opening a case and letting the Articulate engineers take a look at the file. I'm assuming you can publish another story 360 project to Articulate 360; just not this specific one?  If so, there may be something corrupted with this specific .story file. 



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kathy!

I took a peek into your case, and I see that Ronaziel shared this information with you on 5/17/18:

Hi Kathy, 

Thanks for your patience on this. I collaborated with my senior support engineer in checking the issue and we've found this error in the desktopservice log file you've provided and it looks like your firewall is blocking the uploads.

We highly suggest that you contact your IT department and report this error to help fix the issue you're experiencing. 

Hope this helps and let me know if you need anything else. 

Then you sent a reply to her the same day letting her know you would reach out to your IT team with the information she shared with you. Were you able to connect with your IT team to find out why your firewall was blocking the error?