Updating a course in LMS (crowd wisdom)

Jan 18, 2022

Hi all. 

We want to update a course while users are in it. My experience is that the users that are in the course will continue with the version that is open and users who go into the training after the update will have the new version. 

The changes for this update are cosmetic so this model is fine for us so we don't have to restart folks. 

Does anyone have experience with this?  Thanks. d


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Joseph Francis

It entirely depends on the LMS and the course's Resume settings.

I have worked with some enterprise LMS' which put me right back in to the updated course where I left off in the previous version of the course. Other LMS' (including SCORM Cloud-hosted courses) reset your progress in the course whenever an update is posted.

In either case, once a course is completed, the learner's completion status does not get reset if an update to the course is posted.

One way to mitigate learners' status' being reset mid-course is to let the learners know that you intend to post an update on X-date and they need to either complete the course before that, or wait to start it until after the update has been posted. Then there won't be any nasty surprises.

Mark Lentz

My experience has been, as long as I don't add or subtract a page, in the client's LMSs, it picks up right where they left off after the update.   I don't know if this would still be true if I added a new variable or anything else non-cosmetic.  I have also noticed though, as Joseph says, that the SCORM Cloud, which I test in, always kicks me back to the beginning of the course if I update a Storyline course, even if it is just a cosmetic update.