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Heather Roberts

Good Morning.  I am also having trouble with my scorm files loading correctly in the LMS.  The LMS platform we use is CD2.  The zipped file will not be open on my desktop.  I'm running windows 10.  I've reached out to CD2 and they are also unable to unzip the files too.  I'll go ahead and attach both files.

BTW: SCORM Cloud was used to test the files.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing the files, I experienced the same error you mentioned with not being able to unzip them. What version of Storyline are you publishing with? Can you also let me know what options you have chosen at publish for the LMS?

Lastly, I'd want to check that you were publishing to a local drive and adhering to the file path naming set up detailed here.

Heather Roberts

The project was created in RISE.  I did two exports.  the first as a 1.2, the second as 2004.

Attached are the settings I used.  Project files were downloaded from the email link sent by RISE stating the files were ready for download.  The location I save the files were on a network drive.  Our process is to save all e-learning scrom to a centralized location so the LMS administrator can then upload when ready.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Heather! You posted in a Storyline forum, sorry for my confusion!

I wanted to walk you through what it looks like to export a Rise course, so I recorded a quick Peek here.  

I did look again at your error message, and after a bit of Google searching, I saw that error could be attributed to a .zip file being corrupt, restricted access for downloading a .zip file, or, not having the permissions/rights to access your Downloads folder.

Have you ever run into similar issues accessing a .zip file? If you'd like to try out the Rise course I uploaded in my Peek video I've attached it here for you.  If you see the same error message with that one, I'd suggest reaching out to your IT team to see if they can help! Checking those folder and file permissions would be my first step! 

Heather Roberts

The PEEK video was very helpful.  I see now were I'm having the issue.  I'm not getting that download bar with the zip folder.  I just get the email in my inbox the folder is ready to download.  The issue is definitely on my end.  I've escalated to my IT helpdesk to see what can be down to resolve it.  Thanks again for all you help!