uploading Articulate Storyline to Blackboard

Jan 26, 2015

When using a hyperlink in Blackboard to get to an Articulate Storyline presentation, I have in the past used the "story.html" file for the "permanent URL".  This is what I have copied and pasted when creating the hyperlink.

After recently upgrading our Articulate Storyline, it seems that this is not always working.  Is there some other file that should be linked? 

Is it okay, or not to use the "story.swf" file? 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

When needing to test the published output, you'll want to upload the entire contents of the published output folder to your web server or LMS as described here. Just linking to the story.html file while it's still located on your local drive could be contributing to the difficulty you're having. 

Michael Ruszala

I think she stopped replying to the thread cause you insulted her by stating she needed to publish the content instead of running it off her C:/.  She had already posted that the files were on blackboard and the info you gave was not helpful. I'm also in Karen's position with the story.swf file somewhat working on blackboard and the story.html file only giving a page of java code instead of launching the project. All the threads seem to have a post that leads back to the thread you have on how to publish data here.  I wish a real answer was followed up on her original post.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

This discussion is a bit older, but I wanted to clarify that with Karen that she was uploading the entire contents of the published folder to her Blackboard server, not just linking to the story.html file. It wasn't meant with any type of offense, but a reminder about the procedures that needed to occur for content to play properly. We are often met with limited information in the ELH community forums about a particular issue or how to replicate it, so that is why we tend to start with the simplest solution and work our way  out from there and we've found that it often resolves the issue to work that way. 

If you've run into the same thing, I'd be curious to know any more information about your experience so that we could troubleshoot further. Did this behavior just start occurring within Blackboard? Are you hosting in as a web or LMS published file? Are you seeing this behavior in a particular browser or across a number of browsers? What update and version of Storyline are you using (the latest is Storyline 2 Update 11)? Have you been able to test the content in any other environments such as SCORM Cloud or Tempshare to rule out a change within Blackboard? 

If you'd prefer, I'd also invite you to work directly with our Support Engineers as they're accessible at this link 24/7 and would be happy to work with you one on one as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Blackboard should work with Storyline 2, if you've published the Storyline file for LMS and chose the SCORM type that Blackboard requires (you'd want to check with your Blackboard admin). If you're still having difficulty getting it to register completion or scores there, have you check with your admin about settings? 

Leslie Taylor

Hi everyone. I saw these post about BB and 360 were several years old.   Is Articulate 360 files compatible to upload into BB now without any issues.   I ask because I am working on a project that there will be some training done in articulate and the students will have to access the training via BB.