Uploading .story files to Sharepoint turn into ZIP

Apr 20, 2017

I have uploaded .story files to a sharepoint site at work and the files convert to a .zip file. This renders them un-editable when downloaded from the sharepoint site. Can you help me thru this?

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Raymond Scholl


I found a couple of options for saving to SharePoint.

1) If I choose "save as" in sharepoint and manually change from .zip to .story it will save as a storyline file.

2) Since I had trouble uploading files to SharePoint on the internet explorer interface  I was able to set up a folder on my desk top that was linked to SharePoint. Once I did that I could just cut and paste copies of my stories to this folder and they would appear on SharePoint.

  I also noticed that SL2 & SL3 don't want to open files on SharePoint. If you want to edit them drag them back to your computer and launch from there.  

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