Urgent slide/player advancing and navigation help needed

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the previous tips.. I applied them n they worked. I am however still having some difficulty.

i.e. the previous and next buttons wont work (pauses instead)... tried every thing I can think of without luck. what am I doing wrong with the navigation? Can's navigate via the menu bar either(attempts to navigate via the menu bar freezes the course.

I want slide 3 to play automatically before the user clicks the play button. I'd like some of the slides to play/ advance automatically.

its still a work in progress but I would most appreciate your suggestions/tips at this time.

Thank you

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Dennis Hall

Hi Temisan:

You should go into your player > menu to ensure it is inline with you project. I ran the course and it opened Welcome, then jumped to Brief History (which played automatically), in doing so, it skipped over disciples carying the cross with....

The 4th slide (School of Desiple Anthem) has a play button. Is this the one you clal slide 3?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall