URLs In Text Boxes With Animation

Oct 15, 2012

In Storyline I have a text box that contains some text and several URLs. The URLs work fine until I add an animation to the text box (Fade In By First Level Paragraph).

Is this intentional, or is there a setting I have overlooked? Obviously the workaround is to split the text/URLs into several text boxes, but I wondered if it should work as is?

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Kevin Thorn

Hmm...that's not good. First, I'd submit a bug report to ensure the team is capturing things related to text boxes. I know there are a few they're working so either this is a new one or is part a larger repair.

Second, your earlier suggestion about creating individual text URLs might be the quick option.

In  some cases I like to change the appearance of URLs by adding new States to the text itself such as Hover, Visited, and Down. A bit more work but you have more freedom and control on exactly how you want it to look and behave.

If you don't have time to split them out, you could add Hotspots over the URLs. Yet another idea would be to create a shape with its normal state transparent and a hover state with a soft color - similar to how quiz question hover states behave with the the entire text highlighted with a background color.

Good luck!

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