Usage Not getting tracked by moodle

May 24, 2016

Dear All,

We are using moodle for our LMS.

All file usages are captured by moodle.

For example: When a user click on a chapter. It shows access. If a user gone through 60% of the slides. It shows complete and the usage also will be increased in percentage. This happening for all storyline files.

In some of the chapters, we have included flash files (SWF). Particularly for those files usage are not tracked. 

The problem is some users are successfully completed. Many are facing the chapter is "Not Started" and usage also not increasing.

Kindly, suggest.

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Dan Marsden

What version of Moodle? - please make sure you are running a recent supported version of Moodle. Please also make sure you have applied all the available updates to Articulate Storyline before publishing the SCORM package.

Moodle provides a SCORM debugger - try turnding that on (don't do it in production for all users as it creates an extra window with a lot of information that will mean nothing to normal users)

Then keep an eye on all log entries when you get past the 60% to see if any errors are being reported.


Prakash M

Thank you for your suggestion Dan Marsden.

We are using Moodle 2.7 and Storyline update 8: 1412.921

we were using Joomla for our LMS 1 year back, that time we didn't face this problem.

One more thing, the flash files which we are using in storyline have some Java script to send a report to server. At the end flash file that code will generate a value and send to server.

Dose the Java script make any difference in Moodle?

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