Use Time Duration as "Complete" Status

Apr 26, 2013

Happy Friday Heroes!

I have an oddball scenario for you. Scenario: We have a Storyline course that is a single slide that automatically plays a video (from a web object) as soon as you launch the course. We want it to mark the course "complete" if they watch the entire video. So, basically, if it's a 5 minute video and you watch 4 minutes, it should capture that data, (learner watched 4 minutes), but the status isn't marked "complete". However, if you watch all 5 minutes, you've successfully "viewed" the slide and it marks the course complete.

Another option I thought of would be to have 2 slides. Video on the first and who cares what's on the next. When the video is finished playing, the course could advance to slide 2 automatically and they successfully "viewed" all (both) slides and it reports as completed based on slide views. The problem with this scenario is if they watch the video for 4:59 and they don't give it the couple of seconds it takes to advance to the next slide, they just watched the video, but won't get marked as "complete" because they were impatient.

We use SCORM reporting. I'm doing some tests on this, but wanted to get a head start just in case anyone might know the answer to this.

Thank you either way!

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Mike Enders

Okay...I spoke too soon.  


I'm not sure about other hosting locations, but if you use the insert video option and use the YouTube embed code for a video, the seekbar will control the video.  AND, you can target the video when applying a jump to next slide when media completes trigger.  So while a straight web object wouldn't work in your scenario, something like a YouTube video (using the insert video from website) feature should.

So cool.  I had no idea it could do that....


Patti Bryant

Thanks Phil and Mike!

I'm going to try to get the Insert Video solution to work - that will be perfect! If not, and I have to use the web object, I'll look into setting an object to display for the same amount of time that the video is and having the slide automatically advance after that. 

You guys are the best!

Keepin' the joy,


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