User had to 'Enable Flash' to play HTML5 content? HELP!

Jun 12, 2019



I have a very dissatisfied customer. I published my Storyline course as HTML5 only (using the modern player) and he was furious that he needed to enable Flash to play the content. How is this even possible?

A bit of background on this user.

  • using Firefox 60.7.0esr (x86_64) on Linux
  • Had to  whitelist *.articulate.comp *

Please help!





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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Cassandra,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what your user is running into.

What software did you use to publish this course and with what format (HTML5/Flash fallback, etc)?

That looks to be a fairly old version of Firefox, as mine is 67.0.2, but I'm not sure if that's valid for Linux as well.

As an example, our supported viewing environments for Storyline 360 can be found here.

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