Using Chinese characters for Resource Documents, will this work?

Sep 02, 2016

I am trying to upload some Chinese modules and they have their own resource documents. These documents are in PDF format and are named in Chinese.

However, I'm encountering a "Reading manifest - no manifest file found" error when I try to upload my package. There is a manifest file in the package though.

I am thinking that this is caused by the Chinese characters of the document names, as everything works smoothly when I do not link those documents.

Are my suspicions correct? If so, is there a way I can get around this issue? I know one option would be to have the name (in the Player Settings > Resources) in Chinese and the actual document name in English (ie. document.pdf) so nothing breaks, but it would really be preferable if I could keep the document name in Chinese.

Thanks for any help or advice.


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Terence Tsang

Sorry Leslie, I must have misunderstood what you meant. We don't do any uploading to SCORM Cloud, only to our LMS, so I have not replicated the issue on SCORM Cloud.

Do you know if this could be an issue with the LMS? Or are special characters in filenames generally not accepted during the upload process?

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