Using custom sliders with demo. Looking for feedbacks

Oct 29, 2015

Hello all, I have been looking for examples as to what extent we can do with sliders and I have not been very lucky in finding any examples so I decided to make my own.

The letters E and I are sliders with custom thumbs and put no fill on the tracks. Same on the arrows below the letters. I made a trigger that links both variables of the letter and arrow to link together.

A trigger is then made to show a correct layer when the letters are evenly spaced. I have wrong layers to notify when the individual letters are not even. This will all show when you click the submit button. The submit button is linked to variable triggers with different values showing different outcome layers.

I also made the MENU & HELP button in the master layout. They are made in slide layers of the master page so it will be included in every page.

I am wondering as to what would limit the bar on this new feature. Let me know what you think about this little course, any feedback is greatly appreciated.




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