Using layers and buttons with visited states. That is where I'm confused... or having issues.

Mar 16, 2015

When I leave the slide, I want to be able to return to the Main slide view AND have the accurate state displaying for the visited layers.

so here's what is happening...

If I leave the slide and return, I return to the last viewed layer but all the states are still correct.

I wanted to get to the Main slide, reset to initial state, because everything I read sounded like that might work... except, it reset all my buttons too (I realize that makes sense but I was hopeful : )  

Anyway, I would like to set it so they can look at the layers for as long as they want (they are system screen views)and I want the button states to stay, and I want the user to be able to leave the slide and retun to the main slide (not the last viewed layer) with all the button states still intact...

Can someone assist?

Thanks a ton!


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Terri Merrill

Thanks Wendy, I tried that (I found it in a previous post), but it doesn't appear to be very intuitive.  The layers all have the same image, I have people clicking on a toolbar to explain what occurs when each of the buttons is used during live system usage. What appears to be most intuitive, is to click through the toolbar to get your details (it's just a caption with some basic information that appears).

I'm basically OK if they move around through the layers, it's just there are a couple of other buttons on the same slide that take them out to a series of slides that will eventually return them to the original slide (think about a "pause" feature - kind of). This is where the issue occurs. I'm trying to figure out how to direct the last slide in the series to return to the main slide instead of the last viewed layer.

Does that make sense?  I hope so... thoughts?

Again, thanks for responding - so quickly no less!

Terri Merrill


I'm sorry, I should have deleted a bit more... if you do the following...

From slide - 1.1, click on a couple of the "button" on the toolbar (try the telephone, the smiley face, and the dollar sign), each will receive a checkmark). Then click on the "stoplight" with the green  dot (about seven buttons in from the left). choose the yes option and go to the slide, then click the  "stoplight" with the red dot and it will return you to the main slide with all the checkmarks. It brings you back to the slide but in the "Ready" layer. I'd like the main later without losing the checkmarks on the other visited slides.

I hope this is helpful. thanks so much for taking a look.


Wendy Farmer

Wow - I am getting myself confused with this.  Because you want that toolbar to be reflective of what has happened on other layers I would have the same toolbar image on every layer - by that I mean the bottom part of your screen from the field row down would be specific to each layer but the toolbar on the base layer would be the same toolbar and show through to each layer. Because each layer has that toolbar specific to it, those icons are only ever going to change on the layer they are initially clicked on.

Does that make sense.

I'm going to try and strip it down to 2 or 3 slides and see if it works

Wendy Farmer

Hi Terri

see attached.  Not sure if this is what you are after.  The visited ticks stay displayed when the user is clicking on the first slide for the icons Phone, Smiley Face and $ sign layers but am I confusing it with you want the visited states to be available between all the slides in that scene?


Terri Merrill


Thanks for working on this... Let me take a look, I suspect I may have questions. 

I am looking for the visited states to retain their state when we move from slide 1.1, to 1.2, 1.3, then return via a button, link, or other trigger, back to 1.1. I want tall the visited (check-marked) states to display but I want slide 1.1 when return to it from 1.3 would be sitting in the main view not one of the layers.

Does that help?

Again, thank you!


Terri Merrill

Yeah Chris - thanks that worked...!  I was hoping it wouldn't be too difficult.  I continue to run the praises of this site!  I hope eventually I'll be helping instead of asking : )


Wendy, no need to follow. Enjoy your day. I really appreciate your follow up with me.  I'm still working on a couple of "nice to haves" but as I do these, each program gets a little better.



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