Using Layers and the built in Next button

Nov 11, 2013

Maybe this is an easy one.

I have a slide and it has 4 animated layers.

I am also using the default SL player.

Is there a way to disable the NEXT button at the start of the slide with the layers on it, and then when the last layer finishes it's time line re-enable the next button?

I want to make sure all uses see all the layers before they are allowed to move forward.

I tried adding a trigger to the last layer on the slide, but that just seemed to apply it to the base and allows users to skip right by it.

Any help would be very appreciated!


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Greg Cannon

You could skip to the next slide when the timeline of the final layer completes...? You may wish to 'hide' the Next button by going to slide properties and unchecking the box. Or simply add a button of your own on the final layer to jump to next slide? Set the button to initial state hidden and have it appear when your animation completes?

Kevin Thorn

Hi Dave,

Greg has some great options. Best thing about SL is there's more than one way to do something.

You can't "disable" the Player NEXT button in the sense where you can disable a regular button, however you can control it's navigation with triggers.

To do this we need to either evaluate the condition of another object or use a variable. We can evaluate the end of a Layer timeline, but then you'll have to determine if you want to Reset to Initial State or Resume Saved State. I'm not a big fan of using the timeline as a way to evaluate the firing of another trigger. 

Probably the simplest way is using variables.

- Create a variable for each of the four layers. i.e. Layer1, Layer2, Layer3, Layer4. Set their defaults value to False.
- Add an additional layer and name it something like, "Visit All." This layer will show if the other four have not been visited. Add some text that says something like, "Please visit all four [subjects] before advancing."
- Add an additional trigger to each of the button/objects on the base slide that shows a layer: Adjust variable [Layer1] to True when user

- On the NEXT button, you'll add two triggers. One to show the "Visit All" layer, and one to Jump to Next slide based on those variables True or False value:

  1. Show Layer, "Visit All" when the user clicks the NEXT button *IF* on the condition that Layer1, OR Layer2, OR Layer3, OR Layer4 are equal to False.
  2. Jump to Next Slide when the user clicks the NEXT button *IF* on the condition that Layer1, AND Layer2, AND Layer3, AND Layer4 are equal to True.

That should to it.

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