Using Storyline 3, we need to create a "Test Out" option for our client's users, using Moodle as our LMS

Oct 24, 2019

Does anyone have experience with this?


1. We're assuming it'll require creation of a separate course that would link to the "parent" course user is testing out of. We would change Moodle settings so a score of 80% or better on the Test Out course would trigger the "course completion" setting for the parent course in Moodle. Is that assumption correct?

2. I believe I can use the Question Bank from the existing parent course to create this new "test out" course. Is that assumption correct?

As always, any guidance or advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Rick M.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Richard,

I'm not sure if Moodle has that capability, so I'll leave it to the community to offer their suggestions on connecting two courses, but I did want to point you to a few discussions on creating pre-tests within the same course.

A bit older, but this has many downloadable files that can provide good examples. Here's one, and this one here should get you started!

Dan Marsden

I think what you are probably looking for is the "subcourse" activity:

- that plugin is very well supported/complies well with guidelines etc.

but there are a few other ways to do similar things such as using the course completion settings in the parent course:

If you have further questions on this I'd reccomend asking in the moodle community forums as this relates to Moodle more than it does Articulate/Scorm.

Good luck!

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