Using StoryLine SCORM files in KnowBe4

May 15, 2019

We are using Storyline 3 to create SCORM files (SCORM 2004 / 4th Edition).  We are uploading these files into KnowBe4 for training.   We are training complete (not pass/fail).   The problem we are experiencing is that about 20% of the people get to the final slide, but are NOT marked complete in KnowBe4.  We can't figure out if this is a KnowBe4 issue or a problem with our SCORM file.

Any suggestions on what to look at to further diagnose this problem?   Thank  you.

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Brian Allen

It also could be a browser issue... We've experienced that some browsers are more reliable than others. If you could poll the 20% on what browser they're using you may see a pattern.

I also know that with SumTotal we consistently got more reliable results publishing to SCORM 1.2, rather than SCORM 2004. In our case the vendor literally recommended 1.2 vs 2004 as "having less issues".

Brian Allen

These are tough to troubleshoot. Working with the vendors is usually fruitless because they point the finger at each other.

The tough thing is finding a pattern that's consistent in the 20%, which I doubt there is. Highly unlikely that the Storyline content is causing the problem here.

If there's no pattern, meaning it's totally inconsistent, and the LMS vendor rules out problems on their end, then you might also look at network issues. Are 20% of people experiencing drops? Are they all on office LANs? Any on VPN?

You might get network services involved on your end if you work at a place that has them, but that's also hit or miss, as you have 8 out of 10 people successfully completing the course, so it's engaging them in the chance that you'll have one of the 2 out of 10 while they're monitoring.

Good luck!

Dianna Moses

Hello Jay/Brian,

We are using Knowbe4 with the same scenario, but the issue we are having is Knowbe4 doesn't want to recognize the fail and shows complete as well as allowing to download the certificate. I've been working with Articulate and Knowbe4 Support and no one can seem to help me resolve this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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