Using variables to check topics covered

May 15, 2015

Hi ,

I have built a course where the user can go to any topic and then complete and assessment ... (I have put in states so that the topic menu changes to ticks once a topic is visited)... can I use  variables in the trigger to the assessment to say that you can only take the assessment once each of the topics have been visited.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Christine

Yes you can.

  1. Create a T/F variable for all topics. 
  2. Then have that trigger on the on the last slide of each topic 'Adjust variable Topic1 to True when the timeline starts on that last slide. 
  3. Then on the assessment button on the menu put a trigger, jump to assessment slide when user clicks assessment button on condition that Topic1=true AND Topic 2= True and so on for all topics. 
  4. You could have a 'not yet' layer that popups to say 'You must complete all topics before attempting the assessment.  This layer would be triggered when the user clicks the Assessment button with the trigger 'show layer - not yet when user clicks the Assessment button on condition that Topic1 is not equal true OR Topic 2 is not equal to True and so on for all topics.

Hope that makes sense - shout out if you need more help

christine jeziorowski

Ohh no ..I spoke too soon ... This works either one way or another ...either I get the layer message ...but the when you complete all the topics it will not let you do the assessment or it goes straight to the assument......dependant on the default value of the variable.........?.. Tried to change to numbers but the same please... I can't add on articulat ewebsite as its a clients file

Judy Nollet

Maybe try this: Have the Assessment button always go to the assessment (i.e., delete the show-warning-layer option). But set the button's initial state to Hidden. Then add a trigger on the menu slide to change the Assessment button's state to Normal when all the topic-completed variables are True. Assuming the user always returns to that Menu slide after completing a topic, the trigger could be set for when the timeline starts.

christine jeziorowski

Hi July, thanks that's exactly what I did ...except just used tigger if all the topic states are visited. ..I appreciate your help but. I wonder why the variable solution didn't work ...logically it should ...I even changed the variables from true false to numbers but still no luck.....but alls well that ends well.....thanks for your help

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