Using variables to display specific layers: can the menu be adjusted to make this work?

Dec 13, 2019

Hello, all.

I have a slide with up to 15 layers on it, and the navigation from one layer to the next is done using variables.

This works nicely in conjunction with a 'progress' slide that shows the learner which layers they've visited (a button for each layer, with a 'checkmark' marker that becomes normal when the layer is completed).

The 'progress' buttons are links to the slide:
Adjust variable 'Progress' to value 'LayerNumber' when user clicks button

On the main slide: 

Show layer 'LayerName' when timeline starts if 'Progress' value = 'LayerNumber'

The challenge comes when a learner uses the menu to navigate--the layer tracking gets broken. Is there any way to associate variables with menu links?


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