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Apr 30, 2018

Hi, i am really desperate by the use of variables. I have a slide with topics, behind the topics the learner can find the lections. What i want is that when the learner is at the end of the lection and push the button "back to topics", that on the topic slide the section become a check-mark (with a check-image).

What i did:  I set at the "back to topics" button a trigger with change the variables 1 from false to true. On the topic slide I add a new state on an object with the check-image and called the state "check". Now i define a trigger on this topic slide to change the state from the object to "check" after the variable is change. But if the leaner hit the "back to topic" button, on the topic slide the state won't change.

For clarification i add an example. Maybe you can find my mistake. :/

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Knut Jackowski

Sadly I am not able to open your example, as I am using SL 3 and not SL 360, but this is how we do this.

On the last page of the topic:
Changing the state of the variable at the end of a topic

On the page with the topic overview:

Change  the state of the checkmark from hidden to normal

For more complicated courses, our variables start with a number that indicates the scene where the checkmark is to be found.

The checkmarks have the initial state of hidden and are changed to normal with the second trigger. No need to create any additional state.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for the help here, Knut. One note for ya - Storyline 3 can open Storyline 360 files! 

When we introduce a new feature to Storyline 360, you may not be able to open project files with that new feature in Storyline 3 until we release an update for Storyline 3 that restores compatibility. This article has all the latest compatibility info.