V1 to V2 issues.

Apr 13, 2015

Hi, we have a number of Storyline V1 courses which I need to make some minor updates to. When I pulblish the courses from V2 I seem to be experiencing some issues with fonts, it seems font sizes will randomly change and in some places the line spacing seems to differ from the version published from V1. These issues occur without making any changes to the course.  The fonts look fine on the stage and are set to the correct size in the toolbar.

I have aslo noticed an issue where cue points seem to have moved slightly when published in V2.

Is this a know issue? Do you have any idea on a fix? I dont have the time to go through and check/fix every issue on ever screen in all courses.

Thanks. :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

In regards to the font issue, Storyline 2 does include some changes to how the font is dealt with as described here - so that may be some of what you're seeing.  If you're seeing more than that, we'll likely want to take a look at one of your Storyline 1 courses to see how it behaves in Storyline 2 once upgraded. 

Similarly we'd want to see the issue in regards to the cue points and how they're moving.