Variable for a button throughout the Course

Sep 05, 2018

I have a test scene generated through the record video option (basically simulation) and I need to create a condition wherein only two attempts should be allowed throughout the course. Failing which must end the course and display result as failed.

I created a variable but it only runs on a single slide. Am I doing something wrong?


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Jins Vengdingal

Wendy thank you so much for following up on this. I am uploading a replica of my course. I have created a variable for "try again" which only accepts two attempts and another variable for continue button to submit results.  Listed below are the challenges:


1. The try again variable works only on the second slide which I wanted to replicate for all the slides

2. Also I need a variable which would show the result side after two attempts 

Many thanks.

Wendy Farmer

HI Jins

look at this Peek video and see if this is the behaviour you are after.

The first run through I got all correct, the second time I had a go, then try again layer displays, then had another go and either got it right or wrong.

I removed all the variables, I changed the number of attempts on each slide from unlimited to '2' and also removed the submit button on each slide.

let me know if this is correct and I'll upload the file for you.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jins

I saw your comment on the Peek video:

This is what I was trying to accomplish but the action of clicking the continue button should directly end the course and show the result as failed.

Sorry Jins - not sure I understand.  You want to give the user 2 attempts but if they use 2 attempts you want to fail them?

Jins Vengdingal

wohoo back. I see you have used the test design option to limit the attempts to 2 and added a trigger to the Continue button to jump to result slide.

I exactly want this result but if this is possible through a variable because I have over 80 slides and making these changes manually on each slide can be cumbersome.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jins

sorry I missed your reply.  When you initially do the screenrecording and set up the test mode you can select the option to limit tries to 2.

I haven't tested it but you may be able to create a custom incorrect feedback layer that when you click the 'continue' button directly them to the Result slide.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Jins

you are correct - I just tried removing all the triggers from individual incorrect layers and adding to Feedback master incorrect layer and it doesn't work.

I have found a work around.

Create the first quiz slide incorrect layer with the two triggers:

  • hide this layer when user clicks Continue
  • jump to Results slide when user clicks Continue

then copy / paste that layer to the other quiz slides.

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