Variable text shrinking on the slide

Jul 24, 2014


I have a resource that captures learners thoughts. This is later shown to the learners on a later slide. If the learners enter multiple lines of text, the text shrinks within the text box to the point of making it unreadable. (see image below)

I have adjusted the text box settings to 'resize the shape' (and tested all other options). I have also added the text box containing the variable inside a scrolling pane. The result is the same.

I am unable to adjust the height of the text box. If I adjust it, on revisiting the slide the text box size reverts to the height based on the text size.

Any suggestions?

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Beth Case

I know this is old but I'm still having a problem. I want students to type something into a text box, then later display what they wrote. If what they wrote is too long for the text box I'm showing it in later, I want it to scroll. It just makes the text really tiny. I tried Do Not Autofit and making it a shape instead of a textbox and it still happens. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Beth,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know! We have been unable to replicate this issue in the current version. Would you be able to share the file that is experiencing this issue? We are more than happy to review the project to see what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here

Beth Case

Unfortunately, I fiddled with it so much yesterday and finally got it (sort of) working that I don't have the broken version to share. But it still doesn't do what I want -- it seems like that's on purpose, but I want to make sure. I would like users to type in an answer and save it as a variable so I can display it later. If their answer is longer than will fit in the text box when I display it later, I would like it to scroll so you can view the whole answer without it reducing the font size (sometimes to illegibility). Is that possible?

Bryan Tregunna

Hi Beth. I don't have a perfect answer but this is an 'almost' solution. This won't work if the user's response is huge, but I think this might work for you if can anticipate the maximum length of response. Even then, this is not perfect:

  1. Add a scrolling panel where the user's response is to display (to the size you require)
  2. Add a rectangle shape and place this inside the scrolling panel. This will need to be the maximum size you expect the user's answer to be. Ensure the right edge of the shape is not hidden by the scroll bar.
  3. Add the %TextEntry% variable to the shape.

This is not a perfect solution because the scroll bar appears regardless of the amount of text entered as it relates to the size of the shape you add.

I hope someone has a better solution for you.