Variables select a picture

Jan 09, 2014

I am interested in whether you can use a variable to select a picture/object on other pages.

For example, the user selects an avatar picture from a number of options and on other pages this 'picture' appears as a character on that page...

Page one - Choose your player.... car, boot, wheelbarrow

Page two - Player Picture - you chose 'player' and here's the 'picture'

Any suggestions on how it might be done with code?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Gareth:

You can create a True/False variable for each avatar and a trigger on each image. When the user clicks the image, it sets the variable for that image to true.

You then have all images on all subsequent slides. The image states are hidden by default. When the timeline starts, the image associated with the variable that is True can be displayed using a change state of trigger.

All subsequent slides can be setup in the master slide so you need only develop this setup once.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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