Very confused - is this possible? Please help!

Hello everyone,

I am extremely confused! I am desperately trying to create a text entry question with three possible answers (only one is correct).

The user is allowed 3 attempts but I need to use two different 'Try again' Layers, along with a 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' layer. I have used all sorts of variables to show the second try again layer if the user gets it wrong the first time, and it seems to work... until they chose the correct option. Then it still shows the 'Incorrect' layer.

I am sure there must be a built in feature for this but for the life of me I can't seem to find it!

Thank you in advance for reading.

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Beansprout Monster

Hi Phil,

Many thanks for getting back to me, yes I have used the attempts setting but in doing this I only get 3 layers built in, Correct, Try again, and Incorrect. But I need 4 layers so I can add the extra and slightly different Try again layer.

I have created a fourth layer on top of the built in text entry quiz and added variables to show 'Try again - Layer 2' if user has already got the first try wrong, and up to here it works... the problem then comes when they chose the Correct layer after 2 attempt - because of the way I have added the variables they still see the incorrect layer regardless of if they chose the right answer.

I hope that makes sense!