Vide issues

Jul 28, 2022

I used a lot of video/motion graphics in my learning design. I create most motion graphics using Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and After Effects. I set the ratio and size to the same 1920 x 1080, 16:9 as we use within Storyline 360. The problem is that even after I have done this and inserted the motion graphic I still have a black line to the right or the bottom of the slide when I publish to Review or to output. I have centered and aligned the video insert but the line is still there. Why is this happening and how can I get rid of it? Should I make the video and motion graphics bigger, such as 1924 x 1084? This is an ongoing issue, please can someone advise on what I can do? With thanks, Dan


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Dan.

Thank you for sharing the link to your Review 360 course!

Let me ask you a few questions to narrow down the issue:

  • I saw a very thin black line on the bottom of the screen on section 2a (Safety). Is that what you're referring? 
  • Did you create the graphics in that section differently than the rest of the course?
  • Can you share the .story file privately with our support team so we can investigate what's happening?
Dan Newton

Hi, the thin black line to the bottom of the frame is supposed to be there.

The motion graphic was created in Adobe then inserted into SL as a video. I build the motion graphic at the same ration and size of the SL360 course but I always get a black line to the right of the screen. It is as those the video is not correctly aligned or is too small.

Yours, Dan