Video encoding best practices

Jul 06, 2020

Good morning all -

I have a couple of videos I created in Adobe After Effects that I exported using Media Encoder (H.264 - Match Source High bitrate) to output to mp4.  When I view the video outside of Storyline, or even in preview in  Storyline, it looks great - super crisp!  But when I publish to Review the video is not as sharp as it was in preview (however the header info that was created in Story line is sharp.):


  I am using the highest video settings in Storyline when publishing.  I am also viewing at 1920 x 1080.

I'm wondering if this is an encoding issue (perhaps there is a better codex?) or if it is just the nature of Storyline? 

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Shelley Koon

Just for kicks I published using a classic player (I have been using the modern version) and the video is clearer - of course it is also a small resolution so that make sense. 

I know that there are some up-scaling issues that can result in pixelation in regards to varying user screen resolutions when using the modern player but it is interesting that I'm only seeing the degradation in the video and not with the native elements on the same slide.

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