Video Automatically Trimming Based on Timeline Location

Dec 13, 2019


I'm having a very perplexing problem.  I have a video that I've imported from a file.  I edit the video (cropping and setting the trim to exactly where I want the video to start).  But I want the video to actually start playing around the 35 second mark of my timeline.  So I move it to that location on the timeline and instead of starting at the beginning of the video it starts 35 second into the video.  I've tried re-importing, different methods of dragging it along the timeline (in case that was causing the problem) and nothing seems to be working.

Any suggestions?  

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Jeff Forrer

If you look to Edit Video in SL, assure that the video is now showing the correct Total Duration you want it to be, and that the beginning in that window looks to be at the correct starting point.

If so, then if your video on the timeline is dragged to the 35 second mark, it should start from that point. Check that the Play Video option under Video Tools is set to Play Video: Automatically, you can also choose to play it from a trigger invocation.
Note that when trimming your video in SL, that the video length on the timeline does not update, for example, if it is 1 min long originally, you trim to 30 seconds and save, the video on the timeline will still remain 1 min in length, you will have to shorten it from right to left by dragging it on the timeline, otherwise it will play deadspace for that portion that is now cut out. OR right click the video after edited, and uncheck, Show Until End.
Let me know if any of this helps.

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