Video & Callouts/shapes out of sync

Hi there,

I'm running into an interesting problem with the course I'm working on. 

I added a few callouts/shapes to the video (screen capture), to highlight parts of the screen. I linked the shapes to cue points on the timeline. When the video is played without interruption, everything in synced and displays at the predetermined times.  The moment the video is paused, however, the objects get out of sync. It seems as if there was a separate timeline for the objects and the video.

I uploaded the module to Tempshare > How To Navigate This Course (slide 2) is the slide in question.  

What could be the problem?


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Agnieszka Gorgon

I've just discovered something interesting. 

There do appear to be multiple "timelines" in Storyline. I have just added an arrow pointing to the play control, and set it to appear for a duration of 10 seconds. I made the assumption that the 10 seconds started when the video commenced.  Apparently not so. The arrow disappears after 10 seconds, regardless whether the video plays or not. This leads me to believe that there are multiple timelines: the slide timeline and the video timeline. So if the slide timeline starts at the beginning, and if the learner doesn't press the play button immediately after accessing the slide, then the video/objects are out of sync, as the objects are linked to the slide's timeline as opposed to the video one. 

How can I get around this?