Video controls in new browser window

Sep 26, 2017

I have a course that contains video. My client wants the video to open in a new browser window. I have the controls set to none. When the video opens in the new browser window, the controls are below the video with a download option. This is only happening in Chrome. The controls are not actually an issue, but the download option is a big problem. My customer does not want their videos available for download. Any ideas how to get the controls or download option to go away? 

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Ronaziel Lopez

Hi Jill,

Have you tried disabling the video controls in your Storyline before publishing your project? Then just enable the seekbar of your course so the user can still pause, fast forward and rewind the video.

Not sure what version of Storyline you are using but you can check this discussion that might be related to your current issue.   

Jill Blaser

Thanks Ronaziel! Removing the controls works if you want to view the video in the slide. But I have the video set to be viewed in a new browser window. I changed the publishing option to not include the HTML5 output. That fixed the download issue, but I'm not sure what else is affected by me not including the HTML5 output. I'll have to keep playing with it.


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