Storyline interactive video: Creating clickable table of contents in a video?

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to create a clickable table of contents for an interactive video. The learner can choose which part of the video he likes to watch using the index. 

For example: De introduction starts at the 1st cue point, and the next subject starts at the 2nd cue point, etc. But I am unable to select the cue points in de triggers.  I only get the options: Play, Pause and Stop Media. I'm looking for an option such as: Start Media at cue point ....

Is this possible? Love to hear your thoughts. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sheeba!

While Storyline doesn't have a trigger that will allow you to jump to a particular cue point or place on the timeline, have you considered breaking the video into separate clips? Then, you could place each clip on a separate slide or layer. 

Let me know if that solution would work for you!