Video in Storyline 360 Tips/guidelines

Nov 01, 2017

Hi, I'm beginning a new project in Storyline 360 which will include a lot of video clips. The last project I did in Storyline 2 with video, we had a lot of issue with the video freezing or taking too long to load. As a result, we had to resize the videos quite a bit to get them to play smoothly.

So for this project, I wanted to find out if there are general guidelines I should follow.

  1. Is there a max video size I should stay within?
  2. Should a clip not exceed a certain length?
  3. Is there an issue with multiple clips across different slides?
  4. Is there a limit to the length of multiple clips added together?
    IE: Module should not contain more then 25 minutes of video total, even if it's spread across 5 slides.
  5. Does the placement of the videos matter? Will a video at the end of a module play better than a video in the beginning? Because it has more time to load?

My Story size will be 1024 x 576. The videos will be MP4s.
I appreciate any info from your personal experience, or if you can share any links to articles. Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Chris, 

These are excellent questions! Storyline doesn't have maximum video file size or video length. There's also not a limit to the length of multiple clips added together.

If you do find that your videos are causing Storyline to act sluggish, it could be that your system isn't equipped to process that large of a file. If that happens, try using smaller files or compress the videos prior to inserting them.

The community may also have some tips to share in regards to video length and placement, from a course design perspective. I'll leave that in their hands!

Andrew Robinson

I'm creating interactive videos using Storyline which is great but any interactions (triggers, shapes, text) won't work or even appear after the first minute although the video plays out.

I can't find any other threads to tell me more about this so I'm hoping someone can help me here please! I'm happy to send the file.

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