Video placement and then grow when playing

Nov 04, 2016

is it possible to insert a video into a slide, so that a user initially sees the video within a frame that is smaller than say 720p? The video would play in the frame but the user could also click on the expand icon in the bottom right hand corner and enable it to be the full size?



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Alyssa Gomez

Not at all! You can achieve this using layers. You can add the smaller video to the base layer and a "full screen" video to a slide layer. Then, add a button to the base layer that will open the slide layer and play the "full screen" video. 

Be sure you adjust your slide later properties to Pause the timeline of the base layer so the videos don't play at the same time. 

Vi Tamargo

This discussion is so helpful to me right now, thank you! Along the lines of this, does anyone have suggestions on what frame size for video is best? I want to show a video in Storyline but also show additional annotated work with animations, but am worried the video is too small for learners. The video would only show one person speaking so there's not much else that learners need to see in the video. Learners can click on the video to expand it but it's better if the learner can watch the video and see the other objects on the screen.


Thanks for your help!