Video play/pause toggle on click

Mar 05, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I have embedded a screen recording video on a slide, and would like to disable the default pause/play function that occurs when the user clicks on the video. The only work around that I have found is covering the video with a hotspot. Is there a way to disable this feature? Thanks in advance for any advice/input.

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Marian Lewis

Hello, I use videos quite a bit in my projects. The easiest way I have found is to insert a rectangle shape over the entire slide, right click on it and choose Format Shape, then set the transparency to 100%, this covers the video so no one can click on it. Your transparent shape will need to be above the video in the time line to cover it completely.

I know it is an odd way to get there, but you cannot find the transparency feature on the Format tab, as you would think you could.  

Good luck

Crystal Horn

Hey Karyn!  Glad you figured it out.  This user guide article on working with layers talks about how layers dim when you aren't working in them.

By default, only the layer that's currently selected (active) is full-color. All other layers are dimmed. If you'd prefer to see them all in full color, uncheck the Dim box at the bottom of the panel.

Marian, thanks for the tip to prevent users from clicking on a video!

Jana Godwin

We used this technique which did not work either at first. We had to make the FILL a color and then make it 99% transparent, so you could not see it.  Apparently, a rectangle shape without a fill becomes a border and you can click anything inside it. But giving it a FILL almost transparent changes it to a "cover" box.

However, I like Adam Yerger's suggestion below!

Ashlee Wallis

I found that if you have the 'Play video' option set to 'Automatically', the learner can click the video to play & pause it... If you change the setting to 'When triggered' instead and then add a trigger to 'Play Video when timeline starts on video (or timeline)', it is no longer clickable.