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Apr 25, 2023

I have created a lesson in Rise, but included two videos which I edited in Storyline, then imported into the Rise lesson.

In Rise the lesson works as I would expect it to, but when I export it to my LMS and check it works, the two video files start playing at the same time.

I've never had this before and don't know why it is happening. Is there a way to turn off automatic playback of videos when you import them into Rise and/or before you publish in Storyline - or is this a quirk that there is a fix for.


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Ange CM

Hi Elaine,
If I am understanding correctly:
You can add stop, start and pause triggars on the videos in SL  
A pause video triggar when the timeline starts on the slide
Then you need to add either the control buttons, an option in video tools, or add a button on the  video with a triggar to play video when clicked.
Then add another triggar to stop the video when the timeline ends.
Save and then import to Rise.
It should work, not sure about the LMS  side, I haven't tested it using an LMS.

Luciana Piazza

 Hello Elaine,

Thanks so much for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear that you ran into this snag. 

Could you please share what LMS you are currently working with?

We recommend testing the behavior of your course in SCORM Cloud to see if the behavior is isolated to your LMS. You can test your course in SCORM Cloud, which is an LMS that we use for testing as well. Here's how: 

If you are still running into this issue, feel free to share your .story and published files in this thread or privately in a support case here so we can take a closer look.

I hope this helps!

Elaine Cottam

I have found a workaround - it may well be the actual solution - but it seems to have worked.

In Storyline, and then in video mode, the playback is set to automatic, but I changed that setting to "clicked".

Clearly it means that when you put the file into Rise, the video(s) start up automatically, even if you haven't reached that stage of the Rise course - so a lesson with multiple videos has them all starting as soon as the Rise lesson is opened. By changing the setting in Storyline to "clicked" it is a manual process that learners need to press play.

The play/pause/stop buttons were in place, so these now have an actual function for learners.

Ellen Sperry

I've been having trouble with rewind in Rise 360 video block.  If I am understanding above correctly, I am new to all of this, 1st put the video in SL with the settings above, then how do I put in Rise to keep the player buttons so student can pause, rewind a few seconds etc.  Right now, in the Rise video block, if student tries to rewind a bit, goes back to the beginning of the video.  It is a long training video.  Thank you.

Ange CM

There maybe an easier way. But when I did it I just instructed the viewer to click on the seekbar in the video that way they can decide how far back to rewind. I have also done by adding triggers if there are specific sections so they go back to the beginning of that section, each section is labeled (see some youtube examples) so it's easy for them to find the section they are looking for. If the viewer has to watch the whole video you need to add triggars so they can't just click the video seekbar at end and skip it.