Video playback on timeline in HTML5

Oct 21, 2015

Hey there!

We have several embedded videos in our storyline project and noticed that when you view them on your iPhone, etc. in HTML that that load full-screen and don't play within the storyline project. Is there a way around this?

Second, the video is on the timeline to auto play and once it's done playing, the next arrow should appear. However, there are syncing issues with the video and the timeline and the next arrow isn't appearing.

Any recommendations on how to keep the video in sync with the timeline so the next arrow appearing exactly once the video is done playing?


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Jason Dumois

We can't share the files do to NDAs. Can you or someone try and answer without the files? I'd think someone would have experienced this before :-)

The biggest issue is we have a video on the timeline and expanded the timeline to match exactly the same length as the video (e.g. 3:04) and then once the video stops playing the next arrow appears. However, when we preview in preview mode, the next arrow doesn't appear for about 6 seconds after the video stops playing even though the video is synced with the timeline.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

You may find that videos expand to fill the screen when viewed in mobile Safari on iPhones  and this is expected behavior. Mobile Safari automatically scales videos to fit the screens of smaller devices, such as iPhones. (See Apple's developer documentation for details.)

If you need to avoid this behavior, we recommend viewing courses with videos on larger screens, such as iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. Or, create a simplified version of the course that doesn't include videos for iPhone users.

In regards to your video syncing issue, that's the trickier part to identify without seeing it. Did you enable the video controls? If so, then the video is not associated with the slide timeline and can be out of sync. Did you set a trigger for the arrow to appear, or just set it on the timeline to appear at the end of the video say at time 3:02? Did you crop any elements off the video - if so it may look like the video is done, but the timeline of the video is still extending to the end of the timeline. 

If you'd like us to sign an NDA we're happy to do so - you can share it with our Support Engineers here and then we can take a look. 

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