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Jan 30, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am looking to find the best solution for an issue that I am having with Storyline. Its not that big of an issues, but i am trying to see if there better ways of doing what i am doing. I am trying to use videos/animations in the learning objects that I create, but when I publish them they show up very grainy and pixelated. I know its dues to how Storyline compresses the videos when it is publish, but has one found ways to lessen or get around this grainy pixelated look for videos within storyline? Please let me know your thoughts and solutions. Thank you.

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Bram D

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro said:

Hi Tou (sorry if I'm typing your name incorrectly...please tell me if I've done it wrong).

Welcome to the community.

In addition to Michael's suggestions, which is definitely what you should try first, Mike Enders put together a tutorial on a way to increase video quality AFTER publishing.

Hi Rebecca,

Do you know another solution to this video quality problem? That tutorial isn't working anymore since many people, including me, only gets audio out of it. 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Bram and Rebecca,


Thanks! :)


Mike Enders is the genius behind that workaround. It may help to try sending him a message, if you're still having trouble with replacing the video with the original version. 

Another option would be to take a look at this thread. Justin has some suggestions that may help and it looks like Owen found a tool that helped as well. 

Let us know how it turns out! 



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