Video Rendering Quality Question

Does it matter how I render my video before I import it into Storyline?  Does Storyline provide a standard quality conversion or will a higher quality rendered video yield a higher quality video in Storyline?  I am using Sony Vegas Pro 11 and rendered my video as a WMV file at 6Mbps HD 720-30p Video.  My delivery method with be via a web browser with the content hosted on an internal server.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  It takes a long time to render with these settings, but if it makes a difference in the quality in the video, it is worth it.  If it doesn't make a difference, I'd much rather have lower render times with good quality.


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Jonathan,

It all depends on the quality of your master video. It may be better to render to either RAW AVI (if you have the disk space) or straight to MP4 instead of WMV. This way you can save the extra conversion/compression that takes place in your scenario.

So instead of : Render to (compressed) WMV --> Render to (compressed) MP4 (storyline does that automatically), you'd have either :

1) Render to (uncompressed/RAW) AVI --> Render to (compressed) MP4     OR
2) Render to (compressed) MP4 straight away and let Storyline import that file.

Hope it helps,