Video Size

Is anyone aware of Storyline having issues when uploading a large mp4 video file?  The file I'm uploading is 71 MB.

After locating the file, I click the Open button and Storyline freezes.  I'm not able to cancel the video insert or even close out of Storyline all together.  When I go to my Task Manager it shows that Storyline is running and I have to click End Task to be able to close out of Storyline.  I've tried to wait it out, thinking that maybe its because of the file size, but after 30 minutes of waiting it's still frozen.

Any ideas?

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Bill Harnage

Hey Angela,

  • Where are you loading the file from?  Make sure it's local and not across a network. Even from USB could cause problems.
  • Do you have the most updated version of Storyline, update 5?
  • Make sure Windows is up to date and restart after updates just to be safe.

I've loaded videos well over 150mb w/o problems.