video stops playing sometimes and other times it doesn't

Feb 21, 2013

Hi, I just posted my first SL project on the web.  Two people let me know that the second video stopped and the screen went blank at a certain point.  I've tried the program and several otthers have as well and the video showed well.  I tried it this AM and it stopped.  I went into SL and previewed the slide.  it worked fine.  I went back to the online posting and it worked fine as well.

Does anyone know what would cause a video to play fully one time and not another?

You can see the program here, if you want.  It's my first one and my purpose was to learn SL so the pedagogy and instructional design were not a big concern.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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Alan Landers

Thanks for your help. I looked to see if any of the things you listed were a cause and they weren't. It was me.

The video runs 3:10 minutes.  When I view it in preview mode it ends at 2:47 or so.  So I made the time line 2:50 to cover the playing time.  I went back into the program and changed the running time to 3:15 and set the trigger to change slides when the media ends.  That seems to have solved the problem.

I had a similar problem with an animation.  I had three objects that I wanted to fly in.  I set the timing for each one, but couldn't get them to work right.  I grouped the objects and then set the time for the group.  I saved everything and published.  The objects still appeared unattached, the group timing didn't work.  I went back and ungrouped the objects, deleted the animations, regrouped them, and then added an animation to the group.  It worked perfectly.


Oren Savidor


I had the exact same issue where one mp4 video just stopped in the middle and made the whole thing freeze. It was extremely frustrating as this happened only with one video out of a series of videos published exactly under the same settings. 

I found that the issue keeps repeating only on Chrome and Edge browsers. After trying multiple things and nothing seemed to work I finally found a workaround that seemed to have solve the issue. 

In the published folder under story_content I located the mp4 file that was causing the issue. 

I copied the file name and deleted the file, then copied my original mp4 into the story_content folder and replaced its name to the name storyline generated, played the the course and viola, it played till the end.

Hope it helps anyone who's struggling with the same issue, and Articulate's QA team will find a solution soon.