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A Client asked if we could have a button on a page with a video (the video can be embedded but would also like to have the option of having it hosted in another location), that when clicked would record the time code of the video and when the video was done the time(s) would be sent to an LMS for retrieval, a pdf or an email.


The button is a confused face and the instructions are - When you do not understand what the video is explaining click on the confused button. Then the user plays the video and clicks on the confused button three times. The Client wants to be able to know when the user clicked on the confused button so they can possibly add more content to the video or  explain it better.

Does anyone have ideas on how this can be accomplished. (Using Articulate 36o or Storyline 2)

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Hero S

HI Katherine ,

The confused  button is really confusing :-) 

Give me some more clarity,

is the client is looking for an option to check when did user clicked on the confused face button?  

What data we need to store in LMS?

Yes we can store the any data in LMS and client can retrieve the same in their LMS.


Katherine Judson

Example: When the user enters the page a video auto plays. As the user watches the video he/she does not understand the content at 15:04 (15 seconds) and clicks on the confused button. The user clicks on the confused button at 01:23:08 (1min 23 seconds) [this is a different button but looks the same to the user, so each button can assign a trigger to set a different variable]. So the first click's trigger assigns variable Time01 to 15:04 or 15 and the second click assigns variable Time02 to 1:23:08 or 83:08 or 83. The time code needs to be associated with the video so if the user pauses, rewinds or fast forwards it will match where ever the video is at.