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Vincent Pincaro

Hi, Mark! Welcome again to E-Learning Heroes.

I hope you've been fine and safe. Trying to publish a video and consuming the entire day doing it with no success can be frustrating.  I genuinely understand that and I am hoping this response can help.

I would like to assist you through the following:

  1. Provide you quick pointers that can help resolve your issue immediately
  2. Given that pointers in No. 1 fail, let me help probe on some specifics of your situation that can help me or our engineers fix your issue efficiently


1.  QUICK POINTERS - Please try these steps that can help fix your issue:

  • You may attempt to publish the scene again by following these steps recommended by our Community Knowledge Base
  • Let us ensure that every project you are working on is free from errors or unexpected behaviors. It is advisable to create, edit, and publish locally or using your hard drive by referring to this article.
  • Articulate applications continue improving and fixing issues through software updates. You may give it a try by following these steps.
  • If you've been observing that Storyline 360 has not been functioning properly, you may repair it. You can also follow the steps to fix unexpected or erratic behavior.

2.  PROBE ON SPECIFICS - You may reply here or contact our engineers to get further help. Answering these questions will help isolate the issue effectively and efficiently:

  • Can you elaborate on the process (step by step)? as you've cited that when publishing, it “goes to a certain point and then just hangs up” 
  • Is there an error message showing up when publishing the scene as video hangs? Please provide the screen shot if possible. 
  • Is this issue consistent for all the projects you have been publishing or isolated to one (a possible content or file issue, needing further isolation) ? 


For your convenience, I am posting the links I gave you so that you can bookmark these for future use.