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May 31, 2013

Could you say me as to add a youtube video within my Article slide?

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Bhaskar yalijala

Fallow the below steps to connect YouTube via Storyline :

Step1: Click on the insert tab and then click Web Object button.

             Once you click web object button its open a new window 

Step2: Give an address or Link.

            Once completed above action, you can also preview the link by using Test Link button,

            It will open in new browser.

            Next click ok button.

 See our page like below image in our source file. By default it will take size of original page of storyline file. 

Step3: In this step preview the link in source file by clicking preview button in the options tab or
            double click on the rectangle of link.

            It will preview in our storyline file page.

       Step4: Final step If you want see output In slide or in new browser window select any one of the settings.

            By default In slide option is showin 

          Fallowed by above steps you can add any type of Web Objects like Company websites,
          social networking sites, and any type of links     

I know it is a small blog, But i hope these steps will be help to you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've run into. YouTube videos that were added to Articulate content via Insert > Video > Video from Website aren't currently working.

You'll see this message where your videos should be:

YouTube is upgrading to a newer version, which is not supported by this device or app. To learn more and see where you can watch YouTube, visit

Google changed support for the YouTube API, which prevents videos added in this manner from playing in Articulate content. We've asked Google to reconsider their decision (Google Data Issue 7146).

In the meantime, we recommend adding YouTube videos as web objects instead. As an added benefit, YouTube web objects are supported in Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output.

Hope that helps and please let us know if you need anything else! 

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