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Shailesh Mewada

If the videos are working on your PC from the same server then mime type could not be an issue.

First you need to check, whether any .MP4 video is working on your iPad from any other website.

If other .MP4 files are working, then there is some issue with your .MP4 videos.

Kindly check this forum.


Sinchu Raj

HI Shilesh, how you doing. its like after a long time...

videos are playing fine in my moodle and same i tested in cloud lms also. its working perfect. videos are loading properly in ipad but in client lms (only in ipad+html 5) videos are not playing.as phil said is anything related to  "mime type for MP4 enabled on their server?". 

Shailesh Mewada


Yes, after long time.

The videos are working fine at your end, so there is no any issue with the videos. I hope, you have checked on iPad too.

Now to check if there is any issue with the client’s iPad – share any other website link with your client which can have .MP4 file. If that is working fine then the iPad issue point get ruled out.

Then, only mime type could be an issue on the client’s LMS server.


Sharoon Khalid

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the Articulate community, I am facing sameproblem the videos are not working on the client moodle LMS through iPad.However, it is working on Ipad through any of the cloud. The videos are also workingon the “https and SSL”.

The videos are also working across the browsers on any ofthe cloud and client LMS but not working on the iPad. The videos are displayingwith the “X” mark on the video area.

I have publishedthe course in SCORM 1.2- HTML5.

Can anyone help me on this as on urgent basis?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sharoon and welcome to Heroes!

So the courses play normally on SCORM Cloud and the videos also play normally outside of a course on the iPad? Have you checked with your LMS team to see if there is a reason the videos may not be playing? There are some known reasons here on why videos may not play overall - but if they're playing from SCORM Cloud and within other browsers on your PC, I'd recommend checking in with your LMS team.

You'll also want to make sure you're using the mobile Safari browser while viewing on your iPad as documented here in the viewing requirements.