Videos are not playing on iPad through Safari

Feb 09, 2016

Dear community members,

This is our first project in articulate storyline 2 and we are really looking forward for your assistance and help because we can not solve the issue with playing videos in the articulate player on our own.

Our clients` employees have iPads (3 plus generation) and they must take online training using the original Safari browser since their corporate politics do not allow downloading any applications.

The course consists of series of videos and interactive games in-between. When I publish the test version of the course to the LMS everything works fine, but if I first publish the course to SCORM and upload it to any other LMS (tried through SCORM cloud and local LMS) the video does not play (either does not play at all, or jus the sound is playing). Though everything works in Chrome or IE.

I have read most of the threads on video not playing issue on iPads in Safari in the community and tried to follow all the requirements for the videos yet still can not get it to play on my iPad when published to SCORM and uploaded to SCORM cloud LMS.

Would really like to know what exactly we are doing wrong or not doing right enough?

Or could you give us a direction what shall we do with all the videos in the course (course consists of lot of videos)?


Thank you very much for your help.

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janis stars

Hi Leslie! Thank you very much for your help! Great community, great support! I exported the file in SCORM 1.2 format from articulate with update 7 and videos are now playing on iPad when the course was uploaded in SCORM Cloud LMS! Really happy! :)

Our next challenge is to create a certificate so the learner can print his results after completion.. Will look for threads and articles which instruct how to do that and the biggest question is if they will be able to print certificate (or send it via e-mail for example) from their iPads!

Thank you!  

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